The story of Juvenile Entertainment...

...is essentially my own. This is the reason why this chapter is so very personal

the origin

As a kid I was very interested in creative stuff and business. I fulfilled the creative part in my youth and decided to study Business Administration and went to work for a bank. However, very soon I found out that I wanted more out of life than a mere anonymous 9-5 job

the passion

Film is the one topic that has always fascinated me the most. I felt that films can take me to places beyond my imagination, they could make me feel and I was overwhelmed that films could expand my mind and change the way I saw the world

the starting point

Having never had any contact with filmmaking itself I researched, read books, listened to interviews and - obviously - started watching movies from another point of view. The biggest journey of my life started when I shot my very first film in December 2010


Essentially, this is my film school. It started out with me in late 2010, having no idea of what it takes to make a film and ending up producing award winning films and international TV commercials. I want to work with amazing people in a open environment and create cool films

As an admirer of Ian Fleming's books my biggest ambition is to direct a James Bond film

This is a bit embarrassing...

... but bear with me. This was me at the very start of this journey when my first film scored a second place at a contest by the national Austrian TV station ORF 2

print media

The success of Juvenile Entertainment and me has attracted some media attention
Here you find a few excerpts and articles

So, this is me

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