We're not going to answer that one for you. But...

…rest assured, we were asking ourselves exactly the same question back in the miserable and cold winter of 2010. How do you make a film, what does it take? How does all of that clunky and extremely expensive equipment work, what’s a frame rate and why can rolling shutter ruin your shot? How do you transport an emotion, a feeling, a message?

Juvenile Studio originates from the myriad of questions when there’s only one single thing that you know about film making: that you want to do it. It was formed as a playground, where the generation of knowledge and experience was at the forefront of every single project. Because of this, more often than not story telling took the back seat. But even then, quite a few films struck a chord with the audience.

Our films have since become bigger and more intricate, and they’ve travelled the world. Some have returned with awards, others with new inspiration.

Head of Juvenile Studio

Julien Nagel, BA

Having studied Business Administration, Julien Nagel first worked at a bank as a securities trader. Although the stock market certainly is a fascinating instrument and rich in its own drama and stories, Julien soon felt that he simply couldn’t elude his biggest dream, making films.

In 2010, with no idea what it actually takes, Julien quit his banking job and started to make films. He founded Juvenile Studio as a means to learn and collaborate. Ever since then, Juvenile Studio has produced a number of short films that have gone to international festivals with some of them even being awarded.

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