Can We Love?

Dive into the hidden depths of love...

Release 2018


Cast and crew

Producer Juvenile Studio

Director Julien Nagel

Starring Natalie Fend

Story and Screenplay Natalie Fend, Julien Nagel

Film Julien Nagel

Music Hozier

Behind the scenes

" That was the very first time I held a camera - in my entire life!

I had no clue how to make a film, but I wanted to give it a shot. Having left the school four years before, I remembered a girl from another class who became a model. I asked her if she'd be interested in this project, and she said yes! Totally incredulous to me at that time. It felt so weird saying that I made a film.

We had so much fun shooting it that I ended up with a lot of footage that didn't make any sense. It was almost impossible to put together in a coherent film. That's when I learned the magic of editing. It was like a massive 3D puzzle where each piece belonged to a different puzzle altogether. I had to reverse clips or mirror them in order to create a film that somehow made sense. "